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king of mangoes

The golden-yellow Chaunsa originated in Multan and is a worldwide favorite due to its exceptional sweetness and uniquely pleasant aroma, soft flesh  with only the  minimum of fiber and is considered the king of mangoes not just because of its juicy pulp and sweet taste but also because of its high nutritional value.

It is said that Chaunsa was made popular by Sher Shah Suri, while celebrating his  victory over Humayun at Chausa, he named his favourite mango Chaunsa.


world famous species of mangoes

Dusehri is another one of the world famous species of mangoes and takes its name from its place of origin, Dusehri, Lucknow. Dusehri mangoes boast a sweet taste and pleasant smell. The size of these mangoes is noticeably larger than that of chaunsa, they are fiberless, have a firm flesh and are full of pulp – an ideal choice for shakes and ice-creams.

It is said that the mother plant of this species which is more than 200 years old still bears fruit in Dasehri Village, UP, India

Decorate cutting Mangoes in Basket
Decorate Mangoes in Basket


Sweet Flavour And Strong Aroma

Anwar Ratol is the most-loved mango in Pakistan. It is a fairly young species and originates from Ratol, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India where the first Ratol tree is just over a 100 years old. A mango grafter migrated from Ratol to Pakistan, transplanted a sprig there and named it Anwar, after his father. Anwar ratol is considered top of the line in terms of shape, weight, size and taste. Its deceptively sweet flavour and strong aroma makes it stand out of rest.

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About Shah Farms

Shah Farms is a family owned and run farming business, which has been passed down through three generations. The Shah Gardezi family has a history that goes back to over 900 years, to the very roots of Modern Multan. We base our home, in this city of antiquities and rich cultural heritage, which stretches to a deep history of sainthood, the spreading of peace, harmony and humanistic values.

At Shah Farms, we’re passionate about what we grow and maintain a committed relationship with both the farmers and consumers. Our intention from the beginning has been an unwavering dedication to quality throughout the journey of our produce. Every season the produce is tended to with much love and care, from sowing seeds all the way to harvest and we continue to value the produce of this region more with every passing year.


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