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the City of Saints


Our vision is to be recognized as a global, leading provider of farm fresh produce and to make it more accessible from the comfort of home.


The Shah Farms name goes back to settlement of Shah Gardezi family in Multan in 1060 AD . It refers to the unwavering efforts of our forebears who were at the forefront of the movement of the spreading of Islam in this region. At Shah Farms we believe that over the years our produce has become interwoven in the culture of this region. Thus we can’t talk about our produce without talking first about Multan.


Fertile plains of Multan with clay loam soil that complements our nature and products perfectly!

We’re located in the rich fertile lands of the historic city of Multan, a melting pot of diverse ethnic origins due to its ideal geographical location at the intersection of all four of Pakistan’s main provinces and its central position as the heart of learning, culture and food.

The city and its surroundings boast numerous shrines, marketplaces and farmlands.

Hosting an array of cuisines from traditional Pakistani specialties to international, Multan is most famous for its mangoes and agriculture.Over the years, we have become familiar with the ground and environment of Multan and know what thrives here best.


Integrity: We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and believe in complete transparency and honesty in all interactions with everyone.

Quality: To make Highest Quality Farm Fresh Produce available to everyone online.

Commitment: We are committed to making the process of ordering the best produce easy and accessible to everyone in Pakistan.

Shah Yousuf Gardezi Tomb


About Shah Farms

Shah Farms is a family owned and run farming business, which has been passed down through three generations. The Shah Gardezi family has a history that goes back to over 900 years, to the very roots of Modern Multan. We base our home, in this city of antiquities and rich cultural heritage, which stretches to a deep history of sainthood, the spreading of peace, harmony and humanistic values.

At Shah Farms, we’re passionate about what we grow and maintain a committed relationship with both the farmers and consumers. Our intention from the beginning has been an unwavering dedication to quality throughout the journey of our produce. Every season the produce is tended to with much love and care, from sowing seeds all the way to harvest and we continue to value the produce of this region more with every passing year.